I have placed a complete mapping for ESF faq here since ESF's message board was being.. not so cool. Well look down and youll see it.

- Sincerely

- James (Isador)

First of all, I want to thank [-=S2k=-]DJ-R for being patient with me and showing me how to do this. I want to post this rather long explination for anyone else who might be having trouble. Most of this is already in the stickys. But I will put it in this anyway.

1. First of all you will need a map editor. I suggest Worldcraft.. because that is the only one I will be explaining :P . You can find Worldcraft\Valve-Hammer at http://www.valve-erc.com

2. If you need help getting started mapping with Worldcraft then scour the valve-erc website. The resources page is especially helpful. I suggest getting Gensurf from there. (GenSurf makes... making hills and other such objects MUCH easier then using the vertex tool).

3. Now to get started mapping for ESF Beta, you will need the fgd and hullfile.txt. You can these in a convenient .zip file. located here -----> http://www.esforces.com/~team/esfmapper.zip
Now the first time you run worldcraft it will open up the configuration dialog. Head on over to the Game Configurations tab.
Look for a button that says 'Edit'. Click that and then click add. Then type in ESF beta.. ESF or whatever. Click Ok, then click close. Now that your back to the configurations tab, Look for the Add button. Click that and find your halflife-esf.fgd file. This is not necessary to change.. but I have my Default PointEntity class set to info_player_deathmatch and my Default SolidEntity class set to func_wall.
The rest will vary from computer to computer. But you should be able to find out what you need to. If you can't be sure you PM me.
Game Execultable Directory (ex. C:\Half-Life):
Mod Directory (ex: C:\Half-Life\tfc):
Game Directory (ex. C:\Half-Life\valve):
RMF Directory:

Now since we are done with that mess... head over to your Build Programs tab. If you have not done so already... I HIGHLY suggest you download Zoner's Half-Life tools from the valve-erc website mentioned above. I beleive it is found on the resources page. Install Zoner's Half-Life tools to your Worldcraft directory.

Once again, your directorys will vary
Game Executable:
CSG Executable:
C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\hlcsg.exe
BSP Executable:
C:\Pogram Files\Worldcraft\hlbsp.exe
VIS Executable:
C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\hlvis.exe
RAD Executable:
C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\hlrad.exe
Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game:

After you are done with this.. click ok. Now click on File>New (Ctrl-N).
After you have opened up a new map, press F9 or click on the controller looking button at the top of the screen. Save the map as whatever you like. You should see the normal 'Run Map' dialog. We want Expert. So click the little 'Expert Button' at the bottom of the dialog. Confused? Just follow exactly what I say. On the left you should see 'Change Directory $gamedir' highlighted. Click on the one below it, it starts out as $csg_exe or something like it. Now before you do anything else. Grab the hullfile.txt and stick that in your main ESF directory. Now with $csg_exe highlighted, look near the right at the parameters box. In this box type:

-hullfile c:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\hulls.txt -nowadtextures -texdata 8192 -high $path\$file

Remember that your directories might be a little different. From now on I will assume you know that, and where the parameters box is located. Once again if you have any problems... do not hesisitate to PM me.

Now click on the $bsp_exe command on the left. In the parameters box type:

-texdata 8192 -high $path\$file

Now click on the $vis_exe command on the left. In the parameters box type:

-texdata 8192 -high -fast $path\$file

Now click on the $light_exe command on the left. In the parameters box type:

-extra -texdata 8192 -high -chop 128 $path\$file

The next two command are Copy Files.. don't mess with these. Move on to the $game_exe command. Now in the parameters box type:

-particles 20000 -dev -console -game esf +deathmatch 1 +map $file

Some more little basics of mapping... in a completed ESF map, there should be at least one info_playerstart, 20 info_deathmatch, 10 evil_start and 10 good_start. Dragonballs and models (tress etc.) are added by using the env_model entity. If you need information about entities look on the valve-erc website. I want to thank all of the members of staff for creating such a wonderful game. I hope this post gets stickified.. But if not... I hope it at least helps one person. Isador Out.